Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have some exciting news! I am having a large show in Scottsdale over all of my photography I have done with The Roots. There is a preview show April 21st at The Yucca Tap Room in Tempe. The 5 and 6 Gallery ( in Scottsdale will have a soft opening on Cinco de Mayo with an official opening date of May 6th. For the official opening, DJs Darrell D and Skip Skoolnik will be spinning The Roots all evening and there will be drinks and refreshments. There will be an after party with the location TBA.

I asked a painter here if he would collaborate with me and paint ontop of my photos. His name is Adam Dumper, but he goes by Dumperfoo. His work is amazing and I have followed it for years. Not only will he be painting on large prints of my photos, but we are turning the whole gallery from floor to ceiling into a Roots mural. You can read more about Dumperfoo here:

Over the next month of creating our pieces for the show (approx. 30), I will be documenting the painting process. There will also be extensive documentation of transforming the gallery into a gigantic mural. We started last week by painting one of my Polaroids so I could take pictures for our flyers (this painting is not a part of our show). All of this documentation can be followed on the Facebook page we created (link below).

Tempe Camera ( has graciously stepped forward to assist us by discounting their services. The Impossible Project (, creators of an instant film, are sponsoring us with film to help document our journey. Okayplayer (, Internet home-base for The Roots, will be helping with world wide exposure. Boombox Knocks ( and Coolin' Out Clothing ( are also sponsoring.

Is there a way you can help us? There sure is.

Shows are incredibly expensive to put on and we can use all the help we can get in that department. Instead of just asking for a donation, we want to give something back. If you would like to donate, here is what we will do:

$25–$50: You may pick any image from my Flickr page for a signed 5"x5" print. Most of my work is square, but, if your pick isn't square, the largest side will be 5". A link to my Flickr page is below. If you would like one of my "blocks," please let me know and we'll work that out.

$51–$75: You may pick any image from my Flickr page for a signed 10"x10" print (if the image is not square, the largest side will be 10"). The deal with my "blocks" could apply here as well.

$76–$100: You will get one of the limited edition prints from our show. We're choosing our 5 favorite pieces from the show and creating limited edition prints of each one. They will be 16"x16" and printed on professional grade Fuji paper and signed by both of us.

$100+: You get one of the limited edition prints from our show and a choice between a10"x10" print from myself or a 6"x6" painted canvas (with painted edges) from Dumperfoo painted specifically for this project.

We have created a Paypal account for an easy donation process. The e-mail address for that is here:

Please specify what you would like in return for your donation. If you'd like a print from me, please include the link from the Flickr page along with your mailing address. Please allow 10–15 business days for shipping due to the print/paint time for a custom order. Shipping is included with your donation.

If you own a business and would like to donate more and are interested in sponsorship, please let me know and we can work out those details.

As another way of saying thanks, I will be creating a nice print to hang at the show with all our donators' names. If you would like, I can also include a site linking your business or portfolio, next to your name.

Another excellent way to help us out is by word of mouth! No matter where you live, please let people know! If you have a blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc., we would love the exposure! We have plans to move to show to LA, Philly, NYC and wherever else it might take us. So, the more hype, the better!

Website roll call:


"The Next Movement" -
Sol -
Dumperfoo -

Thank you for everything!
Sol & Dumper

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Polaroid Type 600 exp. '03

Love this film? So do I. I have decided to let go of 10 boxes (singles, not doubles) of this sweet, funky film. They are $16 a pack and I will ship for $5 in the US (if you are international, just email me or leave a message here and I'll let you know how much for shipping).

UPDATE: Now there are only 5 packs left! Hurry before they are gone!

Monday, October 4, 2010

These babies still need a good home!

If you are interested in any of the cameras below, feel free to give me an offer. I will also consider trades, especially for film (any kind)! I will throw in a roll or two with the film cameras. Will ship international. Feel free to email me your offer at or if you have any questions.
1. Diana + w/ lens cap and 6x4.5 adapter
2. Ansco Ready Flash
3. Ansco Flash Clipper w/ original box
4. Polaroid OneStep
5. Polaroid One600
6. Polaroid OneStep Express
7. Polaroid Square Shooter

And as a special treat, 4 single packs of Type 689, expired 10/99. That's 40 exposures. Hard to find and some of the most beautiful effects you've ever seen!

$120 + $10 shipping to anywhere in the US. I will ship international, leave a comment here and I'll let you know how much.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Today Only

5 double packs of Type 600, expired in '04. That's 100 exposures. If you know my work, you know I use this film all the time and it's awesome. Very little expired effects and when they do happen, it's a bonus.

$170 + $10 shipping to anywhere in the US. I will ship international, leave a comment here and I'll let you know how much.

4 single packs of Type 689, expired 10/99. That's 40 exposures. Hard to find and some of the most beautiful effects you've ever seen!

$120 + $10 shipping to anywhere in the US. I will ship international, leave a comment here and I'll let you know how much.

I love these films dearly, but it's been a real tough month.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cameras For Sale

If you are interested in any of the cameras below, feel free to give me an offer. I will also consider trades, especially for film (any kind)! I will throw in a roll or two with the film cameras. Will ship international. Feel free to email me your offer at or if you have any questions.
1. Pentona II w/ case. Trioplan 3.5/45 lens
2. Diana + w/ lens cap and 6x4.5 adapter.
3. Ansco Ready Flash
4. Kodak Brownie Flash Six-20
5. Ansco Flash Clipper w/ original box.
6. Kodak Duaflex IV w/ original box, flash and close up lens.
7. Polaroid One600
8. Polaroid OneStep Express
9. Polaroid OneStep
10. Polaroid Time Zero OneStep (black)
11. Polaroid OneStep (white, takes Time Zero film or film with ND filter)
12. Polaroid Square Shooter
13. Polaroid Colorpack II

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Special/Way to Give Thanks

Although I try to give my praises and say my thank yous year round, this seems to be the time of the year to give gifts. I am offering a super special BUY-1-GET-1-FREE deal as a way to say thank you to all the people that enjoy my work. That way, you can buy a print for a friend or loved one and pick out one for yourself :)

Anything on my Flickr stream is available (as long as it's a printable file, which most photos are).

For an 8x10, 8x8 or 10x10 in matte or glossy it is $75. If you would like a giclée print, it's $100. The free print will be 8x10, 8x8 or 10x10 in matte or glossy (if you would also like this as a giclée, we can work it out). All prints are done at a local professional shop that I use quite frequently because their work is of the highest caliber.

I also am offering custom Polaroid lifts or transfers, please email me at if this is something you are interested in. The BUY-1-GET-1-FREE deal applies.

Shipping within the U.S. is $10 and shipping outside the U.S. is $15.

This special runs from now till Dec. 31, 2009.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vinyl Listening on 08.22.09

It's been a long time since we've actually blogged about what we've been listening to. We have been pretty good about meeting up online and picking out records for each other at least once a week though. Just bad about blogging about it. That won't be the case today!

Steven's #1: Bong-Ra - Colony of Electric Machines (Vinalogica, 2005)
Dutch breakcore DJ and hardcore junglist ear damager Bong-Ra is usually responsible for tracks of exquisite thunderous noise and Amen break tomfoolery galore. However this 12'' was commissioned by the Center for Electronic Music in Amsterdam, who encouraged the shuddering sound scamp to muck about solely with the vintage analogue equipment they had in their studios. The result is four tracks of a more sinister, moody abstract wash of noise and menacing low-end bassy warblings, rather than the regular manic drilled drum assault he is more famed for producing. It's kind of like his usual breakcore madness, only trapped inside a big sonic jelly and made all sludgy and wobbly and squelchy. Pretty damn pleasant really and a far nicer way to start a relaxed Saturday evening than i was expecting.

Sol's #1: African Roots - Act III - Strictly Dub (Wackies, 1983)
Excellent way to start of my Saturday. I have all three acts, but have never actually gave them a good listen. This LP has an excellent line up with Jackie Mittoo on keys and Sugar Minott as the "dub voice" on a few of the tracks. Minott also co-produced the album. "Stay On Dub" really stuck out for me.

Steven's #2: Grouch & Eligh - No More Greener Grass b/w Picture This (Up Above, 2004)
Another 12'' picked for me by Sol and another which i had yet to listen to. Living Legends, The Grouch & Eligh, ganging up with Good Life Cafe alumni Pigeon John for some real laidback, soulful fine hip hop on the title track. Extra pleasant production and super nice rappish flows makes for a most lovelisome listen.

Sol's #2: Sound Providers - Street Keys b/w Apples (Quarternote/ABB, 2000)
Both tracks are instrumental goodness. I think this must have been a freebie sent when I ordered An Evening With the Sound Providers through Good lookin' out UGHH! I haven't ordered from them in a long while, but when I did regularly, I remember they were always throwing promotional items in with your order.

Sol's #3: Lusine - Emerald EP (Ghostly International, 2006)
I discovered Lusine in 2007 when Podgelism released, which is a remix album for Serial Podgelism (2004). There are some great remixes on there, and if I remember correctly, I was first attracted to the album by seeing that Matthew Dear did one of them. Unfortunately, that remix is not on this EP. Still a great, chill spin though.

Steven's #3: Astronautalis - You and Yer Good Ideas (Fighting, 2005)
I am a huge big fan of Astronautalis, so kudos and love to Sol and her rekkid selecting ways for picking this double LP out for me. This is his first full length release wondrously well produced with the aid of Radical Face (one half of the Morr Music electronica duo Electric President) - hip hoppish story-telling over delicate electronicky sounds and foot slappingly fine beats makes for a happy listener.
Spilling a pint glass of water over a nearby stash of listened to records because you are a clumsy footed, ale supping oaf however can put a serious dampener on such happy listenings.
A very damp dampener.
Silly flapping narrow feet, booze, small bedrooms, record sleeves and water do not go well together.

Sol's #4: V/A - Motown Love Songs/Motown Dance! (RCA, 1984)
This double LP comp was and IS a DJ's dream and for some reason, my copy has never been played. Things I'm not afraid to admit, I skipped over Endless Love and almost cried during Never Can Say Goodbye.

Steven's #4: Mr. Cooper - Amongst Strangers ( Mooncircle, 2006)
The puddle in my bedroom has now been soaked up. Mostly by my records sadly. It is late and i am sleepy. So this next record choice better be something fine...
And it is.
This is Mr. Cooper's first solo release (he's a UK producer and previously had conspired with a rapper called Sketch as Mummy Fortuna's Theatre Company on Lex records and then combined with Legs MC as Amateur Dramatics). It's a blend of sampling, some live instrumentation and a whole lot of computer jiggery-pokery, all combining to a most satisfying and soggy man cheering up instrumental hip hop whole. It's on Project Mooncircle, a label who continually put out the good fine stuff, and comes most highly recommended.

Sol's #5: The Jimmy Castor Bunch - Butt of Course... (Atlantic, 1974)
Besides the incredible artwork, this album is a good funk find. Although, I found the switch between the funky, nasty Bertha Butt Boogie to the sappy, almost rock ballad One Precious Word to be...interesting. Then, to my surprise, they do a slightly calypso, sitar laced, instrumental cover of Elton John's Daniel. I love that song and the cover wasn't horrible.

Steven's #5: Lab Waste - Can I Get It How You Live? (Ooohh! That's Heavy, 2008)
Last vinyl spin of the night for me, since it is fast approaching 3 of the bleary eyed morning clock and i'm still all sore and irked about my watery fumblings.
Ooohh! That's Heavy is a little 'vinyl only' record label specialising in limited runs of picture discs. This particular 7'', by Lab Waste (a hip hop duo consisting of the ludicrously talented and awesome Thavius Beck and Giovanni Marks), was one of a run of 500. The record was produced jointly with Vulgar Records, a similarly small and lovely record label based in Montpellier, France.
The music lurking on the 7'' more than lives up to Almyum's fine painty art sported on the front and rear of the disc. Skittish beats and angular electronic melodies coupled with Thav and Gio's usual slightly abstract wordy delivery. Pretty damn sweet.

Sol's #6: David Bowie - Tonight (EMI, 1984)
I know absolutely nothing about this album. categorized this as "Blue-Eyed Soul" and "Sophisti-Pop". Those are two terms I hope to live out the rest of my life and never hear again. So far, the album has gone disastrously downhill from the first track, which wasn't bad, Loving the Alien. I can never forgive Bowie's horrible rendition of The Beach Boys God Only Knows. Never.

Sol's #7: Bobby Blue Bland - His California Album (ABC, 1973)
Love this album and know it well. This was one of the first records I purchased for myself. The sleeve is dingy and falling apart but the record is in great shape, so until I find a cleaner copy, this'll do just fine. Highlights are This Time I'm Gone For Good, his cover of Luther Ingram's (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want to Be Right and Where Baby Went (great horns in this track).